German Speaking Course for Tourism

Intensive German Language Speaking Course For Tourist Guides

Are you a tourist guide? Do you ever wonder how learning German as your second language can increase your stipend and your chances of getting hired? Learning the German language as a tourist guide will help you a lot in your career. Germany is the third most spoken Language after English and French. Adding a second language in your profession can increase your chances of getting more tourists which means more money and more travel.

Langoik is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based German Language Institute. We provide a full-fledged German course. Our German course is tailored in such a way that it will be beneficial for a person of any profession. As a tourist guide, you will be able to get more bookings as German is a widely spoken language in Europe and other parts of the world. Our mentors are skilled in this language, and they will teach you to talk to German as an amateur.

What You’ll Learn From Our German Course?

  • You will be able to learn from the basic to advance level German language skills (speaking, writing & comprehension )
  • Acquire A1 to C1 level German certificate mandatory to pass exam regulated by the German government
  • Learn to comprehend grammatical and structural analysis from daily sample sentences
  • Learn German by solving real-life cases
  • Learn regular German grammar & vocabulary required by engineers and engineering students
  • Learn frequently speaking words for technical education and engineering communication

The German language is beneficial for Tourist Guide

Do you know that the majority of tourism that comes to India is German-speaking, and not just India the whole world gets most of their tourism from German speakers? So, you can think about the opportunities you are missing out just because of the language barrier. Just imagine about the ocean of opportunities you can get only by learning one language.

Learning German means, you will get more exposure because of more tourists. Getting more tourists means more money. You will be paid high not just as a tour guide but in any profession that requires you to deal with foreign customers.

We at Langoik help you to clear the German proficiency test. To become a fluent German speaker, we teach you German phrases and vocabulary. To become a successful German tour guide, it is mandatory to have a B2 level of spoken German. We help you to attain it by assisting you to go from a beginner to advance in German-speaking.

Content of our German Course

As we have discussed above the benefits of learning the German language as a tour guide. Now, let’s talk why you should choose Langoik for learning and adding the German language in your portfolio. Langoik provides a highly flexible course. Our mentors are highly skilled, and they will help you to go from a beginner to an advanced speaker of the German

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