Importance of TestDaF

TestDaF is an advanced-level exam for checking the proficiency of the students in the language. It includes levels B2 to C1 present on the scale determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

TestDaF is Idea If You are Planning to :

  • Study or conduct research in German Universities
  • Work in Germany
  • Provide evidence of your proficiency in the German language to employers and research institutes
  • Take a language exam that is acknowledged by institutions and universities for higher education in Germany

TestDaF is an essential German language test for learners and international applicants. It is actually a milestone on your journey to get admission to a German university. The certificate is important to prove that you are linguistically ready to begin your studies in the country.

TestDaF allows scientists to prepare for research stays at the popular German universities.

The TestDaF certificate is recognized by all the German universities, and it is valid indefinitely.

Advantage : You can take the TestDaF test at more than 500 centers in 100 countries.

The TestDaF certification is issued after completion of all four sections of the TestDaF exam. These levels include Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Writing, and Speaking.

The TestDaF exam provides internationally recognized evidence that you have sufficient knowledge of the German language to pursue your study, enter academic professions, and survive successfully in Germany.


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