German Course For Little Learners Below 18 Years

German Course For Little Learners Age (14-18) – German Language Institute In Jaipur

Langoik offers Premium learning German Language Courses for little learners of the age group 14-18 years in Jaipur. Our German Language Institute help children learn & speak foreign language in much exciting ways. Learning German with pictures and games, make the language learning process considerably easier and enjoyable.

This is an amazing fact to know that children immersed to learn new languages and words without taking any pressure and make learning as a playful experimentation. Our German Language Institute use innovative and creative approach to meet the requirements that are necessary in the sequence of learning new language. Our way of teaching help in develop the habit of learning new words and phrases like they are interesting to acquire knowledge for mother tongue. Our teachers gradually build up the enthusiasm and they intuitively start forming sentences & phrases by appropriately using German grammar.

The best part for children to learn German is that they base for English will also get stronger from younger age. Most of the roots of English vocabulary are from German dialect. This is one of the main reason to put in concern is that learning German is much beneficial for children as they also get proficient in English from the beginning.

Why Choose Our German Language Institute For Children?

Langoik is the team of Geothe Certified teachers highly proficient in German language. We provide intensive course that help students from very beginning to become perfect in speaking & writing German without any hesitation. We have designed course such that it help improve language from basic to advance level.

  • Learn German Vocabulary and phrasal words
  • Learn Basic Comprehension Skills and Writing Sentences
  • Fun Game and Interesting activity that aid to learn German
  • Group Discussions in German with native speakers
  • We teach children with real world examples

Our teachers guide students through example words & phrases all nicely interpret with colorful and animated texts. We provide interactive role-play task with real world challenges that help build sentences and expressions for daily life communication skills. We also organize doubt classes every week where students can put their questions and freely ask teachers about challenges. They get personal assistant from teachers for any German language related issues. If students face any difficulties even after the completion of course, our teachers always there for them and ready to solve their queries.

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