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Recently Germany has become a hub for international students from across the world. The country is a paradise for higher education. You can find many top-ranked universities, a wide range of courses, highly valued degrees, and employment opportunities in Germany. Moreover, the living cost is also affordable in this country.

Study in Germany

Every study program in Germany has a specific curriculum and conditions. They can help you complete the course. 

  • Study Conditions – The study conditions include different subjects and lectures. Moreover, it throws light on the weightage of marks. It also includes the lecture that you need to absolve.
  • Curriculum – The curriculum includes the name of the subjects in each term. You can make your time table with the help of a student advisor or senior student at the university.

Academic Year

In Germany, one academic year comprises two semesters, namely, The Winter Semester and The Summer Semester. 

Each semester is half a year and contains two parts. The first part is the lecture period, and the other one is the lecture-free period. During the lecture period, all the lectures and classes are organized at the university. In the lecture-free period of the semester, the End-of-term exams are organized. After exams, you can also work, take an internship project, or enjoy the holidays.

Different Types of Lectures

At university, there are two types of lectures. The first one is The Normal Lectures, and the other ones are the Seminars.

 The Normal Lectures are the primary part of the semesters. In these lectures, the professors teach the students about different essential topics. On the other hand, during Seminars, there is an exchange between the students and professors. In this exercise, the students get the opportunity to do practical projects using their theoretical knowledge. 


A module comprises The Normal Lectures and Seminars. It is finished with homework, a presentation, or an exam. The students get ECTS-Points or Credit Points for each module. These points make it easy for students to compare different Bachelor’s or Master’s programs in Germany with programs from other countries. 

Apart from the points, the students also get grades for the exams. The grades contribute to the average degree at the end of the study program or degree. The Credit Points determine whether the student has successfully completed the course. 

Whichever course you wish to pursue a degree in Germany, you will get broad disciplines. Make sure to contact the panel to check the offered disciplines. Moreover, connect with the university panel to get details about the offered courses and semesters. 


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