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Are you looking for the Best German Language Institute in Delhi?
Are you planning to kick start your career in Germany?
Or want to become a professional in German Language Skills? Welcome, we are here to teach and enhance your speaking skills in the German Language.

As you know, German Language speaking and comprehension skills are in high demand as there is a massive requirement of German-speaking professionals in every occupation across the world.

Mastering German-speaking skills can help you to grab thousands of career opportunities flying in the sky. Moreover, it can assist you in getting placed in the world’s fastest growing economy nation.

Langoik is one of the best German Language Course in Delhi, helping thousands of kids, doctors, engineers, and other professionals to get expertise in German skills. We have a team of Goethe certified teachers who help you to enhance German language skills from level A1 to C1.

Our courses help students to get scholarships and easy admission in German Universities. Langoik German language Course in Delhi is an autonomous organization founded by Mr. Pradyumna Singh and should not be associated with any other organization.

Choose Your Course


    Choose Your Course

    LEVEL A1

    Level A1 – Basic Knowledge

    Interested in learning German? If yes, it would be better to have proper knowledge of the courses you need to complete.

    LEVEL A2

    Level A2

    After successfully completing the A2 level, you would be able to understand long sentences. Moreover, you can understand.

    LEVEL B1

    Level B1 – Intermediate Language Use

    At the end of the B1 level, you become able to understand the main point of standard language in matters that are usually encountered in school.

    LEVEL B2

    Level B2

    Once you complete this level, you can understand the primary ideas of complex sentences on abstract and concrete topics.

    LEVEL C1

    Level C1 – Advanced Language Use

    If you complete this level, it means you can easily comprehend various long and demanding texts. Moreover, you can understand the implicit.

    LEVEL C2

    Level C2

    After reaching this level, you can easily understand everything that is read or heard. You become able to summaries information


    Features of Our German Language Course

    We are glad to inform you that Langoik is providing the best German Language Course in Delhi. We help polishing the German Skills for those who are seeking to get expertise in German spoken and comprehension skills. Our German Language Course in Delhi is committed to providing excellence in making the German Language simple and easy to understand.

    We also offer you the perfect environment in which you can work on your speaking skills with experts. Langoik is the best German Language Institute comprising team of highly qualified, and Goethe certified teachers. Our teachers ensure an open, communicative and tranquil environment that help students to comfortably learn the German skills. We teach you the German language in such a way that makes learning not only practical but also enjoyable.

    • Our Course Help You To Communicate Proficiently and Effectively in German
    • Develop speaking, listening, writing, and reading skill
    • With us you get a platform to learn To Speak German in everyday situations
    • German Language Course From Beginners to Professionals
    • Comfortable & Smooth Learning Environment That Makes German Learning Fun And Easy
    • Make Yourself Ready To Grab Opportunities Across The Globe
    • Get Opportunity To Study In German Universities For Free


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    Why Choose Our German Language Institute In Delhi?

    German is the widely spoken language all over the world and native Language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol. Moreover it is official Language of Luxembourg and Belgium. German is the third widely taught Language in EU & US, second and third largest contributor in the domain of scientific language and R&D sector.

    Moreover, German language is on high demand in the online world. As well as, German is also used in the business world as most of the developed companies choose German-speaking countries to make business deals. All shows that there are significant opportunities bind up with German Language. It opens doors for thousands of career leverage opportunities.

    Langoik is the only German Institute in Delhi offering comprehensive German language course that are advantageous for Doctors, Engineers, Students, and all other professions. Our courses help students to grow their conceptual and professional German language skills.

    • We provide complete study material that helps you become proficient
    • Comfortable Batch Timings
    • Help students even after the completion of their course duration
    • We have a team of Goethe Certified German Language Teachers
    • We provide certificates that are accepted worldwide
    • We also provide customized German Classes according to your requirement
    • Increase your expertise in the German Language from level A1 to C1
    • With us, you get a platform to start practicing with native speakers

    Langoik is the leading German Language Institute in Delhi helping students to prepare according to the international standard and make them skilled enough to face challenges effectively.

    Our students get opportunities to get placement in the world’s largest corporate, establish their business internationally, work for the government, become journalist, instructor, engineer, and do excel in many other professions. Langoik German language classes aim to bring an open and communicative learning environment that encourages our students to start working on their German skills from day one.

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