These are 17 reasons why learning German Language will be a best decision

Learning any foreign language other than your native language is definitely an add-on not only to your resume but also serves as an added badge to your knowledge quotient. Among many foreign languages, people often learn German and there are indeed valid cause of so many people learning or wanting to learn this foreign language German. Through Europe, the German language is the second most spoken language.

  1. Learning German is not that difficult

When it comes to learning German you already have an advantage if English is your native language. In addition to it, German is spelled phonetically. Once you learn the way of the pronunciation and the sounds, it is simple to follow how the verbal word is communicated and how the written word is said.

  1. Learning German can build up connections

German is the 3rd most prevalent international language taught extensively throughout the world and after English, it is the second most common language spoken in Japan and Europe.

  1. Knowing German generates opportunities for business

The industrial and financial power of Germany matches business possibilities. If you’re searching for work in the United States, having a sound knowledge of German can provide you with numerous benefits.  In the United States, German companies reckon for 700,000 jobs and US companies have produced almost the same quantity of jobs in Germany.

  1. Germans are innovators.

Throughout history, Germans have established themselves in the past and present to be great innovators. From the discovery of electromagnetic waves by Hertz’  to Gutenberg’s printing press, from  Einstein’s principles of relativity to Ehrlich’s evolution of chemotherapy, to Brandenburg’s invention of the MP3 digital music composition, all took place or originated from a German brain power.

  1. Getting in touch with new technology

As a nation empowered and charges to development and research, Germans are always on the leading grounds when it comes to the invention of new technology. Germany ships numerous high-tech goods than any other country.

  1. Presence of the German domain outmodes most others on the Internet

Germany has a powerful Internet presence. The German domain .de is second best to the worldwide used extension .com.

  1. In Europe German is the most extensively spoken language

In Europe, the majority of people speak German as their mother language than any other language. Hence mastering German can unite you with 120 million domestic speakers throughout the world.

  1. In the world, Germans are the largest spenders of tourist dollars

Germans particularly promote and indulge in travel. Germans are the third largest population of tourists.  Hotels, tour companies, Travel agencies, airlines, and car rental bureaus that can interact with Germans in their native dialect will gain in their dealings which is obvious.

  1. Majority German Publishers

It is noticed in the world of publishing that 1 among 10 books are published in German. German is not just a semantics of the past. As prolific scholars and researchers have found out that German speakers compose nearly 80,000 distinct book titles every year.

  1. You can know a part of the deep cultural heritage

In their own right, the German speakers have a strong cultural legacy. Germany is generally regarded as the land of thinkers and poets and is said as the home to ‘Dichter und Denker’ and exactly so. This is because German contributions to philosophy, literature and art have been nothing less than being breathtakingly profound.

  1. Germans from the biggest individual heritage organization in the U.S.

If you are curious to know American culture or an American, learning German can increase your recognition and acquaintance of U.S. past and cultural history.

  1. A better understanding of Science an philosophy

Without the contributions of German speakers, Philosophy and the sciences would also be unimaginable. The philosophies of Nietzsche, Hegel, Kant, Marx, and various others have had permanent impacts on contemporary culture and society.

  1. Oktoberfest is more fun when you speak German

Without some grasp of the language, you can’t fully interact and take the real feel of the places you visit specially in the Oktoberfest. Speaking to people in their language, and joining them midway, socially, is the only original form of getting to know the world in real.

  1. German is required in degree levels

German is required or suggested by many undergraduate and graduate curricula. Knowing German provides graduates, access to vital research materials published in German journals and professional books.

  1. Better financial idea

Every year, Germany funds more than almost 60,000 international exchanges.

Germans also understand that global service and experience is necessary for its spontaneous progress as a world leader. Hence learning the language gives one better understanding of world’s economic standards.

  1. Getting employed in branded companies

Some of the most renowned companies are located in Germany, few of them are SAP, BMW and Bosch. If you know the language properly it will be of great help for an individual to get employed in these well-known companies.

  1. Learning German is fun

Learning German is fun as it is easy to learn and doesn’t require much effort. Also learning German has so many benefits that it indeed is worth it.

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