The doctors have a great opportunity in the German medical field, as there is a shortage of healthcare professionals in the smaller towns and rural areas of Germany. German hospitals offer good salary package (average of 45000 euro-80,000 euro annually) and a chance to climb the ladder of success.

After reading the above mentioned figures awakened your interest in becoming a medical doctor in Germany, then just follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Enroll yourself in Langoik and prepare yourself for the B2 exam. It’s the only German Language Institute in Jaipur, which prepares for all the levels; from A1-C1.

Step 2: After clearing B2 exam apply for Visa to Germany. Langoik is the only German language institute in Jaipur, which helps you with all Information regarding Visa to Germany.

Step 3: Search for the clinics in Germany, which have a vacancy for a guest doctor (Gastartz) and send them an application letter along with your B2 language certificate and a certified copy of your medical license. Please note your application should be written in German language.

Step 4: Apply for Fachsprachprüfung (FSP). After clearing FSP you can apply for temporary license of medical practice “Berufserlaubnis”. This temporary license allows you to work as a guest doctor in Germany for up to 2 years.

Step 5: After receiving temporary license one can start working in hospitals in Germany and it is suggested to also apply for Approbation. Approbation is the last stage and grants you to work all over in Germany.

Why is it necessary to apply for Approbation?

Approbation is a license that is valid in all German Federal states and after 3 years of work experience in Germany as a Licensed Medical Doctor, one can work also in other European Union Countries.

One can also apply for approbation even if one has completed the medical studies in other countries. The Approbationsbehörde (Medical Licensing Authority) compare your qualifications with the German qualifications within the framework of a licensing procedure. If your qualifications are equivalent to the German qualifications, then you will get approbation easily else one has to write one has to write German medical knowledge test (Kenntnissprüfung or Gleichwertigkeitprüfung)

 But before one goes through the procedure mentioned above one has to learn German till B2 level. To understand and learn German one should enrol oneself in Langoik. It is the best Institute which provides German Classes for Doctors in Jaipur. So, what are you waiting for?

Enrol yourself in Langoik, because it also helps with all information regarding visa to Germany. They also help you in building blocks towards your career.

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