Top 8 German University to study in Pharmacy in Germany :

Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare chain presenting a broad job market for those who accomplish the title. Studying Pharmacy is a dream for numerous students all around the world.  If you are planning to study Pharmacy in Germany, then you should look for a right German university and the best German Language Institute. Langoik is the best German language in Jaipur. It helps you in learning the basics of German Language and provide you all the information regarding Visa to Germany.

For those who are aiming for a German University to explore the subject, here is a list of best-accomplished Universities in Germany to study Pharmacy.

  1. FRANKFURT UNIVERSITY :Positioned among the top international research universities, the Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy of the Goethe Frankfurt University is quite renowned. They are supported by many permanent members of staff and are involved in teaching for more than 1.850 undergraduate and 500 Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows in various subjects like Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  2. WURZBURG UNIVERSITY :The University of Würzburg provides a world-class environment for research institutions. The Graduate School of Life Science emerges from a joint initiative of the Faculties of various departments such as Medicine, Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Philosophy and Physics. It ranks among the top 4 universities in Germany due to this interdisciplinary spirit.
  3. FU BERLIN :The Institute of Pharmacy at Freie Universität Berlin is the extensive pharmaceutical training facility in Germany. This is the only university with discipline of pharmacy in Berlin-Brandenburg Freie Universität. It focuses on testing, drug development, innovative delivery systems, alternative testing methods and analysis of natural substances.
  4. KIEL UNIVERSITY :The University of Kiel is the oldest, largest and also the most prestigious university in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Belonging to the Pharmacy Department, the Institute of Pharmacy is further divided into the sub-departments like Pharmaceutical Biology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bio-pharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutics.
  5. MARBURG UNIVERSITY :It is the oldest university in the world. The different disciplines are assigned to different faculties. It is estimated to be the foundation of prosperity and emancipation in the Marburg region of Germany. It offers friendly learning environment and modern research facilities.
  6. TU BRAUNSCHWEIG :The pharmacy has been taught at TU Braunschweig since 1835. Now, the campus hosts over 600 pharmacy students. Among German universities, it is one of most significant centers of pharmacy. The study of pharmacy pivots around the scientific principles of medical drugs ranging from the development of bioactive elements, their chemical breakdown and pharmaceutical formulation to their impacts on humans.
  7. GREIFSWALD UNIVERSITY :One of the prestigious and oldest academic universities in Europe takes pride in decades of tradition. The students engage in interdisciplinary collaborations across faculties like pharmacy and aim for excellence. More than 12,000 international students get the exciting research opportunities. They also get learning friendly and interactive environment that helps making the things more interesting for them.

FREIBURG UNIVERSITY :The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of this university is known for a well equipped pharmaceutical bioinformatics lab. Here, students get a chance to develop software and algorithms for pharmaceutical research. The disciplines of study at this academy include the modeling of molecular synergies, classification of potential new drug agents and algorithms prediction of biological effects of molecules.

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