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Electrical engineering is probably one of the most versatile fields available in the engineering domain. It is not only the processing of electrical signal that is included in the subjects but it also takes care of different domains such as electrical machine operations, principle of electricity transmission, signal processing, micro-processor functioning, additionally mathematical expressions of expressing different functions such as Fourier transformation, Signal transmission and so much more.

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Top 5 Universities in Germany to study Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is a branch which can set you up for all fields which you want to major in. Be it material science or even fluid mechanics to identify the different prospects of a post-graduation degree from a German university itself. With student visa rules being so flexed these days, it only makes it easier to get into one of them sooner or later. It is only a matter of time before you get that dream job after you have completed your degree from one of the best universities of Germany. But have you picked out one of those yet?

With electric vehicles being one of the most recent introduction to the automobile market, it has only become necessary that engineering graduates come up with more and more innovative options which would lead to a pollution free and noise free scenario. There could also be a scenario where you could integrate with different prospective clients who would make out a blue print such that you can use renewable energy sources which is not only great in terms of innovation but also fits multiple climate pacts which have been driving a change across the world.

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Top 5 Universities in Germany to study Electrical Engineering,

But what is lucrative in Germany?

  • TU Darmstadt: Playing a significant role in training students in the field of engineering, the university is old and has been a pioneer too. From guiding enthusiast to developing new projects and bringing out innovation, the university has a state of the art features and facilities which have been a lucrative field for all.


  • TU Kaisserslautern: founded in 1970, it has more than four decades of alumni to its credit. With over 14,000 students being trained and coached by a world class faculty, this is a four semester program which includes all facilities related to imparting good education to students.



  • TU Munich: one of the educational hubs of the country, the university has two phases when it comes to the degree course. With credits spread across the departments and semesters, it is a comprehensive course which demands a good look.


  • RWTH Aachen: the faculty is to watch out for. Even if it is newer than its counterparts, the electrical engineering department of the university is one of a kind and is one of the best in the country. Challenging students to do nothing but the best, this one has a lot of facilities which cannot be missed.



  • ULM University: founded in 1967, the university has always believed in innovation and accounts for maximum contribution to the IEEE. Not only do they have world class papers published over the years but also a strong network of alumni all over the world.

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