Many students wonder about the stream they need to take to get career opportunities and a bright future. The probability of the students choosing the popular streams like Computer Science, IT, Electronics, and EEE is quite high. But, streams like Industrial Engineering offers the students good prospects as the Industrial Engineers work in every industry. From manufacturing, hardware, retail, technology to healthcare, it offers the good possibility to make a good career. Industrial Engineering can save money, energy, materials, and other resources by developing, improving, implementing, and evaluating the integrated systems.

The integrated systems include people, equipment, knowledge, material, energy, and process. Students can opt for the stream in foreign universities that offers a world-class education. One such country that offers the best curriculum to equip the students with top-quality education is Germany.

Top 5 Universities in Germany to Study Industrial Engineering

Top 5 Universities in Germany to Study Industrial Engineering


The top five universities in Germany that offers Industrial Engineering Courses are:


It is one of the reputed technical universities in Germany that offers top-class Industrial Engineering courses. The Clausthal University of Technology is the member of the Niedersächsische Technische Hochschule, NTH from 2009. Students can expect the best education as the university combines scientific and engineering expertise of Lower Saxony. It has a world-class reputation as it consistently ranks high in the university results. It offers a competitive environment to nurture the student’s potential to meet the challenges in the modern industry.



The Technical University of Ilmenau is a small university that offers the international students favorable conditions to spread their wings. It offers an ideal atmosphere to study and work that will optimize their potential to the maximum. The university conducts frequent seminars, lectures, personalized contact of teachers and students, networking of scientists for the best experience, etc. to gain good knowledge.



The Brandenburg University of Technology offers world-class courses that focus on construction, environment, energy, information and communication technology, and material. The students gain high-level of knowledge through research, innovation, education, and knowledge. It will equip the students to face the challenges of the global market with the exceptional infrastructure and apt guidance.


The university is one of the youngest in the state as it was established in 1993 (merging the Teacher Training Institute, Technical University, and Medical School). The university offers a wide range if interdisciplinary study program that can meet the rising challenges of a modern society. The courses are conducted by cooperating with faculties of Otto von Guericke University to enhance the knowledge of the students. It will boost the career prospects of the students as they get exposure to innovative projects and research strength.



UDE (University of Duissburg Essen) is one of the largest universities in Germany that offers a world-class education to the students. It has a large number of engineering faculties to offer optimum knowledge to the students. It is the unique university in Germany that focuses on offering programs of international standards. It has the largest department offering highest learning to the aspiring students


It is important to choose the right college abroad to learn in detail about the principles and method of engineering synthesis and analysis. A good course with international recognition will open channels to develop a dream career for the aspiring students.

One must mail to the desired university and collect the all required information about the prerequisites and deadlines etc. After collection of all these information one must learn German language at Langoik, as it is must to learn their native language. If you have any doubt about German language.



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