Germany hosts numerous Universities that provide excellent Medical education, particularly regarding Human Medicine and other related fields. Therefore, many students who want to build a successful career in Medicine prefer to learn German. This works as an additional qualification while applying for admission in German universities and the best institute for German language in Jaipur is Langoik.

Here is a list of top ten German Universities that serves best to study Medicine.

Witten/Herdecke University- Witten/Herdecke University is one of the highly prestigious universities in Germany. It was founded in 1983 and is also one of the oldest private universities. Approximately 1200 medicine scholars study Medicine, Dental Medicine and Nursing Science here.

Leipzig University- the Leipzig University of Saxony is the second-oldest university in Germany. The Medicine Faculty of this university comprises of over 3,000 students in dentistry and human medicine and together with the University Hospital is among the most significant medical institutions in Saxony hosting 48 clinics and institutes. These clinics operate in five separate departments.

Freiburg University- the University Medical Center believes that basic science and clinical researchers are prerequisites to realize the newest medical expertise and treatments and therefore encourage ongoing and further investigation by its physicians.

Mϋnster University – The Munster University takes pride in their excellent staff of 5000 certified experts and 37,000 prospective students. The University runs by valuing knowledge, research, and curiosity.

Tϋbingen University – The University of Tubingen is one of the prestigious Universities and is correlated with Nobel laureates, especially in the fields of chemistry and medicine. The Medical department including the clinic, the scientific institutes, and the technical facilities makes for the most significant medical training institute in the Baden-Württemberg region.

Magdeburg University- This Medical School renders around 1300 trained authorities in administering with a broad variety of critical illnesses in the area of Saxony. The institution offers excellent practice-oriented medical education for eager students.

Lübeck University- Lübeck Medical School focuses strongly on Inflammation & Infection, Metabolism and Brain Behavior, Biomedical Technologies and Medical Genetics. This educational institution meets the standards of excellence.

Heidelberg University-The University of Heidelberg has an excellent department of Medicine withholding six decades of tradition in education and research. The university is a vibrant and interactive environment of internationally recognized research institutions, luring students worldwide.

Würzburg University- the University entertains a new liberal art campus, a modern library, and various research institutes among others. It is considered as one of the finest universities to study medicine.

RWTH Aachen University- Department for Medicine of the RWTH Aachen University is exceptional.  It includes several specialized clinical and theoretical institutes, for medical expertise and other required facilities for a conventional hospital. There are almost 2,700 prospective scholars who study in the Medicine Faculty.

But before one choose to study in Germany. One must learn German at a right Institute, which provides them an in depth knowledge of their native language. Langoik is the best German Language Institute. You must enroll yourself at Langoik at earliest.

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