Every skillful and learned doctor would like to work in the best healthcare organizations. These organizations will give such doctors the opportunity to exploit their potential to the maximum. Germany is one such place where some of the best health care organizations are located.  Therefore, this place offers the doctors a chance to utilize their skills and knowledge for better treatment of patients.

Why should doctors learn German

Why should doctors learn German??

The country has the latest and advanced tools and technology used in the medical field that facilitates therapies for the highest level of care. The doctors have a great opportunity in the German medical field as there is a shortage of healthcare professionals in the smaller towns and rural areas of Germany. As the German people regard the medical profession with the highest esteem, therefore doctors get the recognition and respect they deserve. The medical profession in Germany follows strict guidelines to ensure quality care for the patients, so international doctors must meet the eligibility criteria before getting to work in Germany. The steps to get work in Germany as medical professionals are:

The Correct Visa

Every non-EU citizens applying for the visa, to work in Germany; need to opt for the EU Blue card that helps the highly qualified professionals from different countries. It is the work permit that has several benefits compared to the regular work permit that also paves the easier way to permanent resident permit. Another option is getting the residence permit that will allow employment in Germany (work permit). People denied Blue Card can apply for a residence permit that has same rights.

Medical license in Germany

The medical license that permits the doctors to work in Germany is known as Approbation that lasts a lifetime and is valid across Germany. To apply for the license, the doctors need the following;

  • The doctors must have a concrete job offer from a German organization
  • The doctors need medical German at Level C1 (for general, Level B2)

German Language requirements

Indian doctors trying to get work in Germany need to know German language, as it will help establish a good relationship between the doctor and patient. When a doctor knows the language, they can communicate with an ease that will help in accurate medical diagnoses. This, in turn, results in better treatment. As medical profession is strictly regulated, doctors need to prove their German proficiency (at least b2 level) to get clearance. Many states in Germany require c1 level medical German to get clearance to work (Approbation). The doctors need to pass a Fachsprachenprüfung exam to get the Approbation.

Learning German

German hospitals offer good salary package (average of 65000 euro-80,000 euro) and a chance to climb the ladder of success. The fluency in the German language will help every doctor to build a successful career as medical practitioner in Germany. Many of the language schools offer various courses that will help the doctors to prepare for an exam that will give them the permit to work in Germany.

This exam consists of two phases: oral and written. This is to test the medical knowledge (in German). The result of this exam is the deciding factor for a successful medical career in Germany. It is not difficult to learn the language as with hard work, motivation, and commitment, it is easier to grasp the language. Learning a new language will always open up opportunities that can transform the lives of people. The German language can help you make successful career as it helps in better communication that will assist in carrying out duties properly.

Source:The Economics Times

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